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I'm small. Do I need a bookkeeper?

When should I hire help?

The number one question that I am asked is, "do I need a bookkeeper? I am very small".

If you purchase a small house do you want all the fixings in it? You want a bathtub, toilet, and a sink. You want to have a kitchen, even if you do not have an island or marble counter tops. If you purchase a compact inexpensive car, are you going to want tires any less?

It does not matter that you are small as a company. The sooner you can develop your financial and operational infrastructure in your business, will put you on the road to becoming a big business. How big? That depends on the work that you put in, day in and day out, in your business.

Bookkeeping is an essential component to understanding the timing of when or if it is even possible to add certain aspects of your business that you are so desiring.
Without sound bookkeeping practices functioning in your business, you are:

  • behind in filing your taxes
  • can not say with certainty how quickly your company is growing
  • have cash flow issues
  • can not explain your business operations
  • can not understand your business model
  • are missing out on opportunities

The list, goes on and on, and on. This does not have to be so. Find yourself a bookkeeper that will work with you, at what ever stage your organization is in. This action alone will be a saver in your business for years to come.