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"A Professional Bookkeeper provides business owners with the confidence that they need to grow and scale"





Preparing your own taxes can almost guarantee inaccurate tax preparation. Our Michigan office provides income tax preparation services that help to identify deductions that will save you money and time. Find out more here
We provide you with an easy payroll option for your company and employees. This is a paperless, direct, timely and accurate reporting solution for your business.
Accounting for your business records is a vital function in your business. We provide an ideal solution with ease, and convenience that will provide your business with the same level of oversight and care, at your fingertips. 



We will automate your business account receivable process, to ensure prompt billing and collection from customers and proper cash flow management.
We will automate your business payable process, in a way that allows you the flexibility that you need to alleviate the stress about paying your creditors and vendors timely.
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"We provide services to help every size business"


Providing a solution that scales with your business.
Professional Bookkeepers provides key decision makers real-time financial and accounting information. Our platform is powered by leading-edge, cloud-based technology, optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.

  • Multi-platform accessibility
  • High security and audit capability
  • Critical documentation management

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Dedicated Professional Bookkeepers

With Professional Bookkeepers, you’ll work hand-in-hand with a team of experienced professionals, dedicated to your business and its unique needs to develop a comprehensive solution. These professionals will help you better understand your current financial standing, identify opportunities and risks, and determine how best to take action.

Include a dedicated Professional Bookkeeper who knows your business and industry. We will:
  • Feature a point person for your company
  • Assess your current financial situation
  • Offer ongoing strategic guidance on key accounting and financial management issues
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"Work with a partner that takes the time to understand your business "

QuickBooks Set-Up & Implementation​​


QuickBooks is one of the most premier financial tools used by businesses all over the world today to help them meet internal and external reporting requirements.  It is a system that bridges aspects of your business from the front to the back office. We will provide your business with one of the most essential tools you need to start and maintain your business properly.

"Proper set-up and implementation bridges all aspects of your business"

Interim CFO

Growing businesses are not always ready to hire a full-time Chief Financial Officer but still need the benefits of a financial executive. We provide the leadership that your business needs to keep and maintain its pace as your business continues to grow.
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"When you need interim help, we will provide the benefits of a financial executive for your growing business"